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Adding Pieces

Once you have found in the piece tree the part you need, you have three ways to add it to your project:

  • Use the Insert tool
  • Drag and drop from piece tree
  • Use the "Insert" key

Tip: After you add a new piece, you often have to move it to fine tune its position. LeoCAD can switch to Move tool after piece insertion. This capability is enabled in "Preferences" under the "View" menu, "Drawing Aids" tab: check the box "Switch to move after inserting".

Insert tool or drag and drop from piece tree

These two modes are equivallent:

  • either highlight a part in the piece tree, then use the Insert tool to place it in the drawing.
  • or, with any tool, drag the part from piece tree to the proper place of the drawing area and drop it there.

If you drop the new piece in an empty spot of the drawing area, it will be placed in the horizontal plane Z=0.

Insert key

New piece position

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