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    1 = Choosing pieces =
     1== Choosing pieces ==
    33||[[Image(catego1.png, nolink)]]||The right side of LeoCAD window shows a piece selection tree, topped with a piece preview window. [[BR]][[BR]]Pieces are organised in categories ("Plate", "Brick"...) that gather parts with the same keywords in their name. See [wiki:ManagingCategories Managing Categories] for more details.||
    66'''''Tip:''' To unfold a highlited category, you may:''
    78  * Double click on its name.
    89  * Click on the little '+' sign next to the name.
    1617||[[Image(catego3.png, nolink)]]||When you click on a piece in the list (it is ready to be [wiki:AddingPieces] added to the drawing), it is shown in the preview window. Image sized is automatically adjusted to fit window size.[[BR]][[BR]]You may rotate the piece in the preview (click and drag inside the window), zoom on it (click and drag up/down using right mouse button) and reset to default auto-zoom (double click)
     19== Searching for pieces ==
     20It may be difficult to locate a particular piece lost in the thousands of parts available.
     22 1. You may search for keywords in piece names. Enter a word in the combo-box below the piece list, then press "Enter". The "Search Results" category now contains all pieces whose name contains the searched string.
     24 '''''Tip:''' If LeoCAD completes the name while you type, and that doesn't match what you need, simply hit "Del" key before "Enter"''
     26 1. More powerful searches can be done using [wiki:SearchOperators logical operators] between keywords. For example, "wheel & spoke" returns all spoked wheels. "technic | electric" gives all parts either Technic or electric. See [wiki:SearchOperators Search Operators] for more details.
     28 1. If you have no idea of the name of the desired piece, or if you want to look for a specific shape, you may use the piece preview to find it. Open one or several categories, select the first piece of the list, then hit "down arrow" on the keyboard to browse through all parts. LeoCAD piece preview is fast enough even on a modest computer, so this approach may be effective.
     30 '''''Tip:''' To visually search within all ppieces of LeoCAD library, first [wiki:ManagingCategories create an "All" category (a category with empty keyword list)], then browse through it.''