Getting the source code

The source code is available as an archive from the downloads page or from the Subversion server at You can download the trunk version for the latest but unstable changes or the official releases using the leocad-0.78, leocad-0.79.3, etc tags. Please use one of the release tags unless you plan to be a developer.

Typing this would download the latest revision to a directory called 'leocad' on your computer:

C:\>svn co leocad

Or if you want to get the source code for version 0.79 you would type:

C:\>svn co leocad

If you are new to Subversion you may want to read Version Control with Subversion and download a free Subversion client from here.

You can receive notifications of source code changes by subscribing to the rss feed at the bottom of the Timeline page.

Required Libraries

Starting with version 0.80 LeoCAD requires Qt 4.8 or later to compile. You can download the Qt SDK for all platforms from

Linux users may find it easier to just use their package manager instead:

$ sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev zlib1g-dev

You should also download and install a PartsLibrary, otherwise only a very small set of basic parts will be available.


The easiest way to compile on any platform is to open '' in Qt Creator and build from there but if you prefer compiling from the command line you can generate a Makefile using qmake:

leocad$ qmake

And then compile:

leocad$ make

There are two options that can be passed to qmake to customize LeoCAD builds:

  • DISABLE_UPDATE_CHECK=1: Disables update checks at startup and removes that option from the main menu.
  • LDRAW_LIBRARY_PATH=<path>: Adds an extra path to be searched at startup for the LDraw library. The path should be the root folder of the LDraw library, for example '/usr/share/ldraw'.

Linux users should also build the 'install' target as root to copy the executable and support files to the right places in their system:

leocad$ sudo make install

Windows users can also compile using Visual Studio. You just need to use qmake to generate the project files first:

C:\leocad> qmake -tp vc

And then open 'leocad.vcxproj' in Visual Studio and compile.

To compile for Mac OSX you'll need to add the parts library to the folder where you downloaded the source code. You can download the Linux library and unzip it there:

~/leocad$ unzip
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