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Getting the source code

The source code is stored using Subversion and the read-only repository is at You can download the trunk version for the latest (but sometimes unstable) changes or the official releases using the leocad-0-73, leocad-0-74, etc tags.

Typing this would download the latest changes to a directory called 'leocad' on your computer:

C:\>svn co leocad

Or if you want to get the source code for version 0.73 you would type:

C:\>svn co leocad

If you are new to Subversion you can find a good guide at (you may want to skip to Appendix A if you are a CVS user), and download a free client from

Coming soon:

Optional Libraries

Download zlib, libpng and libjpeg.

Compiling the Windows Version

Extract the libs and 3dsftk to leocad/win/* or edit config.h.

Open the project in Visual Studio 6.0 and compile.

Compiling the Linux Version

Type 'make config' and then 'make'.