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Getting the source code

The source code is stored using Subversion and the read-only repository is at You can download the trunk version for the latest (but sometimes unstable) changes or the official releases using the leocad-0-73, leocad-0-74, etc tags.

Typing this would download the latest changes to a directory called 'leocad' on your computer:

C:\>svn co leocad

Or if you want to get the source code for version 0.73 you would type:

C:\>svn co leocad

If you are new to Subversion you may want to read Version Control with Subversion (you may want to skip to Appendix A if you are a CVS user), and download a free client from here.

Optional Libraries

LeoCAD can use a few Open Source libraries to add extra functionality to it, you can download them if you want or just compile LeoCAD without those features (see the next sections for instructions on how to install them).

Compiling the Linux Version

Make sure you have the GTK+ 2.0 header files and libraries installed in your system, you can check that by typing from a shell:

$ 'pkg-config --atleast-version=2.0 gtk+2.0'

If you don't have them, they are available for download from the GTK+ Homepage.

Next go to the leocad directory and run the auto-configuration:

$ make config

This will try to detect what libraries you have installed and what kind of computer you have. After that is done you're ready to build the executable:

$ make

If you don't get any errors you should have a new executable in the bin directory.

Coming soon:

Compiling the Windows Version

Extract the libs and 3dsftk to leocad/win/* or edit config.h.

Open the project in Visual Studio 6.0 and compile.