This is the Windows setup executable for the first release of LeoCAM, a masters-degree thesis project by Francisco González García (

It is an augmentation of LeoCAD version 0.73, and so does not have the latest LeoCAD enhancements. What it does have are some very intriguing features, including "snap-on" elements and collision detection that have to be experienced to be fully understood.

The install includes a user/technical manual; it is a translated document from the original Spanish, and is currently in the process of being edited to be more clearly understandable by native-English speakers. It should be enough to hopefully get you started.

There are currently a rather limited number of supported elements for the new features, so this should be viewed a as technology demo, rather than a new version of LeoCAD to be used in production.

Also note: LeoCAD 0.73 used a different toolbar configuration than the current release, so switching between the two versions can cause a crash to occur on startup of the program. If this happens, you'll need to open your Windows registry with regedit and remove the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BT Software key (and all subkeys): these are the LeoCAD registry settings; removing this key will cause the registry entries to be recreated by LeoCAD (any version) the next time it is launched. You'll need to remove this key every time you switch between versions.

This is a temporary page available until Francisco gets a new distribution web page up, and/or LeoCAD simply integrates these features into the base product.

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