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Active piece

The concept of an active piece is important for moving and rotating pieces, since it defines the direction of movement and the center of rotation. The active piece is outlined in blue, and other currently selected pieces are outlined in red.

You may change the active piece of a multiple selection by clicking on another piece while holding the Control key down.

Tip: If you Control+click on an active piece, it is deselected and if you Control+click on empty space no piece will be active.

Selecting multiple pieces

The selection tool can be used to select all parts in a rectangular area of a drawing. Click and drag around the pieces you want ot select. All pieces lying (even only partially) behind the rectangle will be selected.

Selected pieces are outlined with a red border.

Note that there is no active piece defined with this selection method.

Tip: To select all the pieces in a design, use the Control-A keyboard shortcut.

Tip: To deselect everything, click with the selection tool in an empty area of the drawing.

You can extend the selection by pressing the Control key while surrounding other parts. Notice the little '+' that appear on the mouse cursor.

Pieces in the rectangular area are selected even if they are hidden by other parts.

The other multiple selection method is to click with the selection tool on several pieces while maintaining the Control key pressed. The last selected piece in the group is outlined with blue, it is the active piece. Previously selected ones are outlined with red.

Tip: You can also select pieces with other tools (rotation or move tool) by using Control+double click.

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