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Rotating pieces

Single piece

A selected piece may be rotated using the "Piece Rotate" tool . A colored three circle overlay appears, centered on the origin of the piece.

Place mouse cursor close to one of the circles, then click and drag. A colored sector and rotation angle measure (in degrees) appear, allowing exact control.

The arrow on the circle shows the direction of rotation.
The piece is rotated in fixed angle increments controlled by the angle snap value. This value is displayed on the right of the status bar.
- Red circle performs rotation around X axis
- Green circle performs rotation around Y axis
- Blue circle performs rotation around Z axis.

You may also perform rotations using keyboard shortcuts. With default key mapping, Shift + arrow keys rotate around X/Y axis, while Shift + PgUP/PgDn rotate around Z axis.

The origin of a piece, used by LeoCAD as rotation center, has been defined when the piece was modelled. Sometimes it has been correctly places at the position where you want the piece to rotate, sometimes it is much more questionnable, or there are several rotation center that make sense (for example Technic bricks). In this case, you can use a helper piece (see below).

Multiple pieces

The same operations apply for a multiple selection of pieces. The question is: where is located the rotation center in that case?

If there is no active piece in the group (piece with blue outline), the rotation center is located on the geometrical center of all selected pieces. This works well for a symmetrical group of pieces.

But the center of rotation is probably wrong if the group is not symmetrical, as shown here.

If there is an active piece (outlined with a blue border), the rotation center is placed on the origin of the piece. For more details, see MultipleSelection.

Use of helper piece

If you want to rotate something for which no possible center of rotation fits your needs, you may temporarily add a piece whose origin is located at the right place.
Thin, long piece (Technical axles, Bar Light sabre blade) are fine for that job.

- Select all pieces to be rotated including the helper piece. Make sure that this one is the active piece.
- Perform the rotation.
- Delete the helper piece.

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