Search Operators

Search operators are used in keyword matches for piece search, and to define categories?.

&andwindow & latticeAll pieces whose name that contains "window" AND "lattice" strings
|orarm | legAll pieces whose name that contains a limb ("leg" OR "arm" strings)
!not!brickAll pieces that are not bricks
^Exact word^rockPieces that contains "rock", but not "rocket" or "sprocket"
%Name begins with%plateRegular plates whose name begins with "plate", but not Hinge Plates or Technic Plates

More complex expressions may be built using parenthesis:
(brick | plate) & Round & !(baseplate | slope) will return round bricks or plates, but no rounded baseplates or round slope bricks.

Tip: Searches are not case sensitive : PLATE = Plate = plate.

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